About Us

Michael&Caja met in 1998 at The Actor’s Studio The Hague which they both attended. In 2000 they created a silent performance together for arts festival ‘Het Woord’ (A Word) and agreed on everything; they have been doing so ever since.

Michael Driebeek van der Ven

Michael is a storyteller from childhood on. When he was a young boy, while his brothers were building tree houses, he started building a stage on top of the henhouse and organizing plays for the neighbourhood.

Later he graduated from The Actor’s Studio in The Hague & recently finished his studies at the International School of Storytelling (UK). He loves telling stories in any capacity, anywhere in the world, because now the world is his neighbourhood…

Michael loves people, organizing their mess, God and water.


Caja van der Poel

Caja is an actress and storyteller at heart. A childhood dream relentlessly and passionately made reality. After graduating from The Actor’s Studio The Hague and The Amsterdam Theatre Academy she went on to graduate from The International School of Storytelling, suffice to say she loves to learn.

Since 2003 she is a leading actress and creator for Noordvolk* and works free-lance as a storyteller and teacher in the National Literature Museum, where she finds herself surrounded by her second passion: words.

Caja loves people, their mess, sunlight and the Liwa desert.

> Michael and Caja are both part of Noordvolk Theatre Company